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As qualified arborists we can provide you with expert advice on all your trees and hedges including supply and planting.

It is important to choose the right tree or hedge for the effect you want and for the size of garden you have.

Evergreens can provide a permanent structure to a garden, this is particularly important in the winter also the shape of a tree can reinforce a particular feel to a garden. An avenue of cypress trees, for instance will emphasise the formal appearance of a path or drive as it leads to a gateway, or an informal look can be achieved using clumps of trees such as birch or maple.

Hedges are important as a boundary, or to form compartments or rooms in a larger space to create a more intimate feel. A wide range of shrubs and trees can be utilised for creating a hedge, for instance you could create a hedge using fruit trees trained as espaliers, fans or cordons that provide a source of fruit as well as a boundary. This is particularly useful where space is at a premium and could alternatively be replaced with flowering shrubs to provide colour and scent.